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The portrait begins with these elements to be considered :

    how much of the body you would like portrayed
    desired mood
    color preferences, including clothing
    background, indoor or outdoor setting
    location (Kerri will travel to your home)
    atmospheric "feel" and lighting
    size of canvas
    setting in which the portrait will hang

A contract will be signed and in keeping with standard portrait professional practices, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is paid.

Travel arrangements and dates are set.

Upon meeting at the photo shoot, Kerri likes to spend time getting to know you and observing the special qualities and characteristics unique to you.

Kerri will take many photographs (within the fee) between a one to two hour time period. Then ideally have them developed immediately, or displayed on a computer, to review together and choose a few possibilities; or even decide on the final photograph.

She will also make oil color samples of the flesh tones, hair color, eye color and if necessary clothing and background.

Meeting you, the photo shoot, reviewing the photographs and creating color samples can be completed within the day.

From Kerri's studio in New York, West Village ; a letter size color sketch of the portrait will be painted (proportionate to portrait dimensions) and shipped for your approval. This sketch is for color harmony and positioning of the figure within the dimensions of the canvas/linen and this color sketch needs to be returned to Kerri as reference to begin the painting.

The balance of the commission is paid when the portrait is accepted. Kerri's intention is to transform canvas, paint, each unique face and form into an enlivened work of art to take your breath away.

References will proudly be supplied upon request.

Fees starting at $6,000


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